What is ITEN?

ITEN is the product of the combined strengths of Prologica and CPCis, in order to create a specific, joint corporate offer, to better address the European market’s needs. The project became a reality in 2013, and since then, we have grown side by side with our clients, increasing our presence In Europe, as well as the Middle East, North and South America and Africa.


We live in a world which is becoming increasingly digital and connected. Technology is omnipresent and it’s changing our day to day living, the way we work and also how we interact with each other and the world at a vertiginous rate.

Technology is becoming more relevant in the business world, not only as means of support, but in itself a driver for innovation. At ITEN, we seek to help our clients look beyond the challenges and the unknown and seize new opportunities, to expand their businesses towards new horizons.

The ITEN method

We plan, advice, develop and maintain your solution through continuous intervention, with end-to-end support.