IT Skills

Human Resources Management
Specialized Resources

As a provider of integrated services, ITEN provides specialized technical resources from various IT areas. We aim to find the perfect match between the clients’ needs and the skills of each technician. This service is available in two models: either team management is conducted by the customer (T & M system) or through a service provided by ITEN, with associated SLAs (Outsourcing regime).

We ensure thoroughness in the selection and recruitment of our human resources as well as constant improvement and updating of their skills, through continuous monitoring and assessment. Through the ITEN structure, our teams have access to specialist consultants, diverse training and certification tools and access to privileged partnerships to leading manufacturers.

From the various areas of expertise we include the following points:
  • System and Network Administration
  • Database Management
  • Information Security
  • Desktop Management and Field Support
  • Service Desk
  • Application Development
  • SW Packaging & Testing
  • ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence
  • Consulting and Project Management

Our IT Skills service guarantees a rigorous resource selection, looking for the best fit to each situation, though a nevertheless quick and efficient process. In addition, we ensure full or partial management of outsourcing team, according to the costumer’s preference, as well as continuous training for all IT Skills teams. With this, we aim to offer an effective solution to optimize human resource costs and management.